• Associations can now be performed with outcrop surveys

Custom tables

  • A survey monitoring type table can now allow identical dates on the assays. 

Satellite database

  • It is now possible to create Access and SQL satellite databases with the same master database
  • When a conflict is detected in the synchronization of a certificate, the software suggests a new name that does not exist for the conflicting certificate


  • Improved export speed when there is several analysis accociated with certificates
  • When there are problems with the XLS formet, suggest the use of XLSX format instead


Minor bug fixes

New database

  • When the "Copy projects and surveys" box is selected, it happened that the surveys were not copied

Custom tables

  • Where there were no table, an error occured when selecting the tab.


  • QAQC-Standardm when exporting to a different database, was not working properly

Satellite database

  • Synchronization did not work properly when the network connection was slow, making the satellite database unusable
  • When canceling the synchronization, it happened that the satellite database became unusable
  • Synchronization of certificates from custom tables was not done
  • Certificates were duplicated in somes cases
  • With the new GeoticLog interface and when a Geotic authentication was ised, the synchronization was not working



  • When running GeoticLog with the RunAs command on a different domain than the computer, it was not possible to use Windows authentication.