New features/Improvements

  • New clearer labels in the spatial search
  • Be able to see small triangles in error
  • Be able to consider percentae from 0 to 100 in the filters and Tooltip of the block models
Bug fixes
  • Bridges points were not always moved correctly
  • The rotation point of the 3D view was in the World system
  • Problem while planning new DDH in a coordinate system different than the one in 3D
  • Grid spacing could be negative causing the program to crash
  • Crash while compiling composites which were saved in a personalized table of sampling type
  • Problem charging some .OFF files
  • Bad interval detection when creating a zone from a mesh
  • In 2D, the outcrop points were not drawn if the main outcrop coordinate wasn't in the section
  • Problem with the cancel button while importing variables into a block model
  • In 2D. at small scale, texts were too far from the trace
  • Problem displaying the slices of a block model in 2D
  • Intersectin triangles were not correctly detected if they were on the same plane