Frequently Asked Questions

The annual fees allow us to finance customer support and develop software improvements.

You can install on as many stations as you like, the software is activated via a dongle (looks like a USB key).

Updates are included in the annual leasing.

The utilization of our software is offered under an annual leasing form :

  • The registering fees are payable only once.
  • Each year, including the first year, you must pay leasing fees to be able to use our software's for the next year.
  • This annual fee include update and technical support.
  • Non-payment of the leasing fee will leads the licensing to stop functioning.
    • Subsequently to reactivate licenses, You will have to pay the overdue fee.
    • The overdue fee is calculated as follow: 100% of the costs of the current rental period plus 50% over previous periods.
  • The software requires the use of an electronic key.

The license gives exclusive rights to The Client to utilize the software solely for the needs of a specific division. The client may not transfer the rights to use the software to any other person without the written consent of Géotic inc.