The GeoticLog application is used to input survey information.

Its user-friendly interface greatly accelerates data input by allowing users to enter titles, summaries and even typical descriptions with the help of dictionaries.

These dictionaries, which are edited by the users themselves, allow data to be validated when input, minimizing the need for subsequent corrections and ensuring exceptional data quality at all times.


The information is input and organized in a simple and logical way, making the work even easier.

The application also generates personalized reports according to your needs. Similarly, strip logs can be created. 

The application includes a users’ rights management interface to control data access and make data secure.

Data is saved in Access or SQL format and organized in an intuitive schematic diagram, making it easier to produce charts and thematic plans. These databases can then be used by GeoticGraph to create sections and plan views or they can even be exported to other applications.

GeoticLog database is directly linked to GeoticMine, which allow to go back and forth easily.

Lastly, modules for batch imports/exports, calculating composites, calculating adjusted structures, and QAQC and drilling core photo management integrate with your environment and greatly increase the application’s potential.

A summary of this tool's features :

  • User-friendly and intuitive environment under Windows 10 or more
  • Multilingual (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Relational database (Ms Access, SQL)
  • Complete validation of all data entries
  • Use of standard and personalized dictionaries
  • Descriptions for six geological levels plus RQD, magnetism, assaying, geochemistry and geophysics
  • Definition of an infinite number of coordinate systems
  • Zone weighted average calculations
  • Import/export of data
  • Export to GEMS
  • Printing of high quality logs
  • Creation of strip logs
  • Integration and linearization of drilling core photos
  • Management of assay certificates
  • Tracing of QAQC graphs
  • Personalized data tables
  • Integration and calculation of adjusted structures
  • Addition of calculated fields in the assay tables
  • Direct access to GeoticGraph’s section creation wizard
  • Directly linked to GeoticMine
  • Planning and monitoring of a drilling campaign
  • CPU Speed: 1.5 GHz, single-core minimum ~ Recommended: Intel 2.0 GHz dual-core, 64 bits, or better
  • RAM : 2 GB minimum  ~ Recommended: 4 GB or more
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 or more recent
  • Display: Dimensions of 1024x768 or more



Why move from Excel to GeoticLog?